Career growth at Bit Canny

Developers start at all levels and get opportunities to grow within the organization. We need our developers to adhere to industry best practices. Experienced developers are guided to follow development patterns like Test Driven Development. We mould our developers to form good coding habits. For lesser experienced developers or those whom we require to learn new technologies there is instructor lead training, mentoring or a self learning research path.

At Bit Canny even experts are learners.

Some of things that our developers have grown their skills in recent times include:

Ruby on Rails instructor lead training spread over 2 months.
ZWave device communication and IOT (Internet of Things) learning through reading
documentation, mentoring and research.
On job learning on technologies like Amazon IOT, Android, IOS, NodeJS and many more.

Abhisek ( Ruby on Rails Trainee at Bit Canny ) says — ​

“The program offers a complete essence of Ruby Rails Technology and how different function are attached to it. It gives an overview of Ruby Rails function in various industries. The synchronous training is quite effective. I would recommend this program to all as I really liked the course content and its methodology.​”

Rohit ( Software Developer at Bit Canny ) says —

​”It is my pleasure to share my views about Bit Canny Technologies Pvt. Ltd. IT Training Program. The program focuses more on practical approach on Ruby Rails Technology and enhancing the overall understanding of implementation of the strategy and its outcome.”


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