Node is everywhere

NodeJS is a framework which is used by many other frameworks. It runs on so many platforms. A NodeJS developer has so many options to quickly change to another hardware platform or simply advance his programming skills. We have listed below some of the technologies and frameworks that we use NodeJS on. This is just the tip of the iceberg when we look at all the possibilities with Node. This list will keep growing, as we delve deeper into the ocean of NodeJS.

Node on React web front end enables our devs make slick web applications. With Redux, we are making single page applications that give a smooth experience to the user. React is now the chosen framework for front end at Bit Canny and we are mixing it with all sorts of backend frameworks like Rails and PHP.

Node on React Native apps enables us to create cool cross platform Android and iOS apps. React native gives the feel of a native app and we develop native plugins where it falls short, example- geofencing, android services, custom bluetooth apps and other platform specific areas.

Node on serverless AWS lambda is latest and cutting edge technology. Integrated with Amazon API Gateway, our devs are writing node modules and creating serverless microservices.

Node on embedded IOT firmware is a relatively lesser used application of NodeJS. But we have made Node applications on embedded linux hardware so that our Node developers are able to control home automation devices. There is a smart home hub that has business logic, bluetooth, MQTT, Z-Wave code written in Node. Love it? We do! You can read about our home automation project here.

Node on the web server is the most common use of NodeJS. Because of the Async/non blocking nature of node, it is a popular server side framework. At Bit Canny we have a powerful team of Node developers that we are constantly seeking to expand.

At Bit Canny we research and work on cutting edge node based technologies all the time. Not only do we actively research and learn the technology, we also research and use Node based testing frameworks and Unit testing/Continuous Integration approaches.

Currently Bit Canny looking for Node experts as well as JavaScript experts who want to hone their skills in node. It is an excellent opportunity to join an expanding team of world class developers. Interested people can drop their CV at or

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