Rently’s property listing system for renters

Renter property search tool for Rently

Seeing property information is very simple and intuitive with this well designed system. Renters can easily filter data to drill down to a specific property. Search by location, features, pricing and other property features makes data viewing faster.

See property’s details

Detailed property views help renters quickly select a property. Users can come to this page either scanning a QR code on the road or drilling through the listings on the grid or the map.
The page also links to our Rental application module, which lets users submit a detailed application.

Self showing service

Using a smart phone, renters can easily visit a home at their convenience. Simply register with your mobile number or login to your existing account. Credit cards are held as security. A security code is generated on Rently’s pre installed lockboxes. Thus renters can save time and see properties at their convenience. After the visit simply lock and checkout using your phone.

Schedule a visit with an agent

Available agent showing hours are listed for each property. The listing considers a property’s availability as well as the availability of agents. The system has a scheduling module which is linked to ICS and google calendar as well. The scheduling module is fairly detailed and includes features like buffer time, daily availability timings and multiple calendars.
In short, the system intelligently optimizes an agent’s time to schedule visits for renters.

Dynamic Map View of Listed Properties

The map search is a convenient way to find all listed properties in an area. When zoomed out it shows clustered map data with a count of properties available in a region. Users can move the map or zoom in to see exact location of properties that they have searched using filters. Clicking on a property shows it’s summary data and interested users can click through!

Rently Renter is Rently’s Property searching and Listing tool that was developed by Bit Canny. The system extended Rently’s REST API’s to easily enable property search, detailing,renter registration(with credit card processing), self checkin/checkout and agent scheduling.
This Ruby on Rails application has a very intuitive and appealing design that shows relevant information quickly. The search tool makes filtering data very easy. Intuitive icons and detailed design for all devices(desktop, tablets and phones) makes it extremely convenient for Renters to use.
The system has been secured with Open Authentication 2 integration with Rently’s existing site. The system is also being used on property manager sites wherein the renters can use the tool without leaving the respective site.
Feature List:

  • Intuitive Property Search
  • Intelligent icons to convey data
  • Dynamic Map View with search on zoom
  • QR Code Scan for a property’s details
  • Online Scheduling for agent showing
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