Vendor Management tool using ruby on rails

Vendor management for rental property managers

This system allows vendors to register with property managers. This Ruby on Rails system is hosted on heroku and it’s features include

  1. Open Authentication 2 integration with an existing system
  2. Easy integration with existing website or system as a widget
  3. Data audit for all changes
  4. Vendor search and approval/rejection

Document Managment and signing

Vendors can upload documents like licenses, signed authorizations and other required documents that property manager specifies.
Docusign integration allows them to sign documents so that property managers are at peace of mind regarding authenticity of the data.

Supplier Qualification

Managers can preview the data submitted by vendors across all tabs. Once they are satisfied regarding the genuineness of the vendor, they can approve him. It makes scanning vendors very fast and easy.

Vendor Information Search

Managers can search for new and existing vendors quickly and easily. Information such as license expiry or change of bank details are easily auditable.

Vendor Management system is a tool from BitCanny Technologies that enables property managers to easily accept new suppliers for services relating to rental property management. The system has been developed by Bit Canny’s Ruby on Rails development centre in Kolkata, in collaboration with property management industry experts in the U.S.
Companies can easily integrate this tool on their existing website as a widget or as a separate stand alone system. The widget comes as a javascript snippet that can be embedded on any webpage to show as an iframe- much like standard Facebook like boxes or embedded google maps. The underlying software is hosted on the heroku platform. It has also been customized to integrate with an existing client system using Open Authentication.
The primary purpose of this tool is to make vendor management easy for property management companies. The process starts with vendors registering themselves with their basic details. Then the vendor states what services they provide like plumbing, Electricity, construction, etc. This data can be provided for a region or multiple regions. Other details like licensing and banking information are also stored by the system.
Property managers can review information submitted by vendors and then approve or decline them. It supports the ability to store history of changes made. Managers can audit changes and see when something was changed before they accept the change. The system lets managers have the confidence that the data is true and valid. Vendors are required to digitally sign the information they provide using docusign.

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