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Promote locally is our digital marketing service to help local businesses increase their customer reach. We create an end to end digital marketing solution tailored to your business needs and budget. With more and more people turning to the digital world in order to find goods and services, a good digital marketing strategy will definitely help you increase sales.

Online sales boos

Online Sales on Steroids

Your E-Commerce site is your shop in the digital world. A well implemented E-Commerce site using tools like Magento can help you boost sales. Things like social sharing of products and services, online product preview and customization, sharing reviews with google to show ratings on search results, mobile optimized E-Commerce sites, etc. are carefully considered and implemented for your digital marketing strategy.

Website optimization

Website optimization and promotion

Paid advertisements are the quickest and surest way to get your site listed on search engines like google or bing. SEO or search engine optimization is about making your site appear higher on search engines for specific keywords. Whereas a lot of techniques have become obsolete and even negative when it comes to SEO, some basic strategies still give great results over a period of time. The first step we take in ensuring high ranking of your website is to make its internal links structure, page structure, file structure, loading time, etc. optimized. Although this alone does not get you higher listings for competitive keywords, it is still the essential first step.

Track online sales

Local site listing is an essential step to make your business visible to people who search for your goods or services. A lot of people also look up local listings and directories to find business or services. Besides, having a g+ page linked to your business listing shows you up on the map and also lets users write reviews.

For offsite optimization, backlinks, content creation and content marketing are the key factors that get results. We do detailed keywords and backlinks research for your website and create innovative, unique and shareable content. Use of inappropriate and Black Hat techniques can easily get you penalized by google. For this reason we have to be careful. Although organic SEO is slow to get results, it still works if done well.

Lead Management

Lead management and out reach

We use a lead management tool to reach out to customers and track how our promotional strategies are working. Tracking how users interacted with our advertisements on google or facebook, how they interacted with our website, whether they clicked on our video, infographic, product details, emails, etc is an important indicator of who is interested in our products or services. These customers can then be targeted using E-Mail marketing, SMS and other out reach techniques. Website retargeting and search retargeting are techniques to get likely customers to convert.

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