Keyless Home Automation

This comprehensive home automation platform is targeted to rental property managers.
Bit Canny is proud to develop this unique platform in Home Automation. From concept to completion, the development of this platform took less than 4 months. We have a dedicated team of analysts, designers, team leaders, project managers and developers who have been working consistently and continue to do so, as we keep on adding new functionalities to the platform.

In mid 2015, we conceptualized this home automation project. We undertook research on technologies to build this platform. Ruby on Rails with Test Driven Development using Heroku as a server platform were an obvious choice. There was no way a bug free home automation system that is constantly enhancing, that could be build without using a scalable and easy to deploy cloud platform. Testing had to be brought in early to make sure the quality stays. As the product is large and constantly expanding, running tests is the only way to ensure system stability when new features are introduced. Our team is strong in TDD with Rails and that is a great contributor to the success of this platform.

Besides Rails, there needed to be a platform for integrating a hub and devices at the home end. This is the challenge of inconsistent connectivity at the home end and also the cost associated with a constantly connected hub. Not all homes would have a WIFI or LAN, particularly rented houses. This brought in the challenge of working with different types of connections and low bandwidth consumption to keep 3G costs low.

There was also the challenge of guaranteed delivery commands to the device when the system was down. Receiving instant notifications for any actions within a home was also necessary. We researched a lot of platforms and finally selected a cloud based solution specifically designed for the IOT domain, For connection devices, Z-Wave was the obvious choice for its immense popularity, security and other benefits. However, it was challenging to find good talent in this domain. In fact a search on job sites revealed there is none in the country! This meant our in house embedded system engineers spent endless hours working on championing a protocol that was relatively less used. It came with rims of white page documentation that had to be read and understood by us- and also implemented.

Our mobile apps for this platform are recently launched. With simple interfaces, users can have complete command of their house. The apps are intuitive to use and cover all features that residents need within their home.

The system is constantly growing as the product grows. With more features added and more users using it, the success of this product grows leaps and bounds. The team is very motivated as they see their creation being appreciated by users. This product is going to expand in popularity over time and so is the team that develops supports and enhances it.

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