Mobile web development and mobile apps

Mobile web development

A lot of first time Internet users are starting their digital journey from a hand held device. People who had never used a computer are swiping and punching in on their phones and tablets. Mobile is very much at the forefront of all digital projects.

At Bit Canny, responsive and mobile friendly design is always kept in mind while building a website. Besides design and layout we make sure our applications load fast on mobile phones and hand held devices. Our team of designers and developers are can create great mobile websites using frameworks like Twitter bootstrap and JQuery mobile.

Mobile apps  development

We make native mobile applications for the Google Android and Apple’s IOS platforms. We have also built applications on Adobe’s Phonegap platform. We take care to enable secure data communication from mobile apps to servers using RESTful APIs and OAuth. When making mobile apps we pay attention to navigation, usability and handling off line application state for lack of connectivity.

Mobile web apps and mobile native apps should both be catered for when planning a project. A lot of people will want to access your website using a mobile phone whereas your native app will allow others to access extra features. Our team would love to discuss your project in details so please drop us a mail at or click here to let us know about your project. If you are located in Kolkata do drop in at our office.

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