Rental Application

The rental application system is integrated with property listings and yet a stand alone system. This Heroku hosted, Ruby on Rails application can be used on a separate website or integrated into any existing system as a widget(iframe integration).
Scanning rental applications is now a breeze for managers. Prior to this, property managers had to go through a lot of cluttered applications from different sources. That has changed now! No going through several emails, faxes and printed applications. No manual credit checks needed – it is automated now! In one scan managers can scan a rental applicant and all co-applicants! It makes selecting and rejecting applicants a matter of minutes.
The system is also a boon for renters. No longer do they have to assimilate information from different sources and submit to property management companies. They also do not have to submit multiple documents and forms for different properties from the same or different property managers. They can resubmit information once filled in. The system also integrates with linkedin to pull out a renters work history and other data with dates and designations as entered. Renters who have undergone the pain of submitting several applications will acknowledge the ease that this system provides!

Feature List:

  • Credit Check API Integration
  • Linkedin Import
  • Custom Screening Question Module
  • Application Verification Status
  • Additional Applicants submission
  • Search, screen and approve/decline applicants

Project Snapshots