The Rently Manager’s app

The Rently Manager’s app is the only app of it’s kind in the Apple and Android store.
Property managers are busy people who have lots of properties to manage and 1000s of renters to attend to. The Rently property managers app on the Android and IOS play store has successfully saved time and effort of several real estate leasing companies and their agents around the US. Not only that, this platform promises new trends in the leasing industry!
Property lease managers can now add properties, take
pictures, schedule visits and manage lockboxes(Rently’s patent pending technology) from a single app. The app even works offline- in case the agent is in a poor Internet zone.
When laying the blue print for this app, we were faced with the challenge of providing a user friendly interface that integrated with Rently’s web platform Heroku and Rails. Data access was also to be in a standardized secure manner.
RESTful API’s using OAuth bearer token access were preferred to provide secure access to rently’s existing system. The ruby on rails platform was extended with secure API’s.
As the app needed to be available and extended to numerous types of devices, we chose phonegap as the development platform. In order give a native look and feel to the app, we had to make the interface similar to popular apps. Also the app needed to comply with Apple’s strict development guidelines for user interfaces. We used Kendo UI as the preferred UI toolkit for phonegap. The resulting interface and it’s smooth UI has been quite satisfactory.
The Rently manager mobile app is today used extensively by property managers across the US. We have also added new features to the app after the first release. New versions of the app will have more features that the real estate leasing industry has not yet seen.

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