Building the Future with Technology,
Smart Equipment and
State of the Art Software

We take pride in demonstrating excellence in software services and product development.


How we stand out

Engineers with Highest Caliber

Our strength is our skilful people. We groom engineers to deliver the best work for our clients.

Product Development Expertise

We develop, enhance, support, and improve software products. We know the journey a successful software product takes from its concept to its position of market leadership.

Agile Software Methodologies

We use Agile software methodologies like Scrum. What our clients get is transparent and incremental product development.

Highest Quality Standards

We have numerous processes to ensure quality in software development and maintenance like peer reviews, unit testing, change impact research, CI/CD, Quality Assurance Testing, and Automation Testing.

Our team is proficient in technologies and tools that are widely used today

Ruby On Rails

Our team has expert Ruby on Rails architects and developers. We are active participants in the Ruby on Rails community. We sponsored the Rubyconf event hosted in 2022 and have had active participation in a number of Rubyconf event over the years.

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AWS services

We have a broad coverage of AWS technologies that we have used over the last 8 years. We are one of the earliest users of AWS IoT. We have also sponsored community initiatives like the AWS community day held in our city.

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We have created highly scalable and robust applications with Node JS and Express JS and have also used Node Js for designing cloud solutions using AWS services for our clients.

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React Web

The best of the best front-end applications use React Web. We use cutting-edge technology to build high-performance, user-friendly, and interactive web front ends that are not only highly secure but also streamline a complex business workflow.

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React Native

We have created state-of-the-art mobile applications using React Native. Our clients have saved development time as a result of reduced development effort and have saved costs for lesser maintenance time.

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We are Empaneled vendors for sharetribe marketplace development. Our team has over 3 years experience in developing dozens of marketplace apps using the Sharetribe platform.

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Clark LiCTO Rently
I have worked with Luv for many years. He is a professional and capable managing director. Bitcanny is great for project consulting and staff augmentation.

Our Projects and Case Studies


Rently is a leading smart renting service provider in the US. Rently is well known for their first of its kind Self-Tour solutions for Rental Properties.

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The goal was to create an online marketplace that meets user expectations and offers a unique place for people to meet.

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Sanelo is a relocation company, the client wants to create a marketplace for service vendors and clients who are looking for relocation services.

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NASSCOM member

AWS Community day Kolkata Sponsor

Rubyconf Silver Sponsors